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What’s trending is a page dedicated for you to see what’s trending, learn more about products and the benefits/value it can add to your business (& your customers).

Cream cheese

Anchor 1KG Cream Cheese

Anchor Food Professionals Smooth & Creamy Cream Cheese is a consistent high performer, achieving a silky-smooth mouth feel with a beautiful glossy finish making it perfect for all your dessert needs.

FT Med 2 pdf

Fever-Tree Mixers

Everything Fever-Tree do is driven by taste. They never compromise on flavour or quality and will never use artificial flavourings or sweeteners! If 3/4 of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best!

FS142495 TRESI Frozen Snapper Whats Trending v2

Talleys Snapper Fillets

Enjoy the mild, sweet flavour of these Snappers from the warm coastal waters of New Zealand. Highly versatile in cooking, it can be poached, baked, smoked or marinated.

plain bagels

Cottage Lane Plain Bagels

Our Cottage Lane bagels are fully sliced so they’re ready to toast straight from the freezer, making it so easy to create the ultimate bagels! Vegan friendly, soy free and snap frozen with 24 bagels in a carton, our bagels are just waiting to help you make your customers smile.

Inghams tenderloins

Inghams Tenderloins

From the premium part of the chicken, natural tenderloins cut straight from the bone and can be delivered fresh or frozen to meet your culinary needs.

Medium std Sweet Potato Chips Pub and Club Setting v2 P with tomato sauce

Edgell Sweet Potato Fries

MORE OPTIONS FOR YOUR MENU! Coloured vegetables catch the eye: adding colour, variety & flavour to plates. Made with Australian sweet potatoes these 10mm chips have our signature coating, delivering the perfect balance of delicious flavour with that all important CRUNCH!