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9830 Euro 11mm original 002

Lamb Weston Euro Fries 11MM

Lamb Weston Straight Cut Yellow Fries - delivering the perfect balance of crispiness and a creamy yellow baked potato texture. Conveniently packed in a 4 x 2.5kg carton, these Freeze Chilled fries offer maximum hold time and storage flexibility in either the freezer or chiller.

FS141956 TRESI Bella SDT Paste EDM v2

Bella Sundried Tomato Paste

Bella Sundried Tomato Paste offers a whole new dimension to the art of cooking. This intensely flavoured, sun-kissed product adds a unique deliciousness to recipes. Ready to eat and can be used in pizza, pasta, sandwiches, scones, stuffing, quiche and so much more!

Hyoketsu 640

Kirin Hyoketsu

No 1 selling RTD in Japan. Made with Vodka, Soda and natural lemon juice.

  • 116 Calories pre serving
  • <0.3g Sugar per serving
Detpak Black v2

Detpak Black Range

Introducing Detpak’s new quality range of sophisticated matte black packaging. Featuring four Window Lunch Boxes, the new Black Range is made from sustainably sourced paper and board and is the perfect on-trend accessory to enhance your takeaway offering.

Native Gin

NDC - Native Gin

Where the art of distilling meets the pure pleasure of creation. A space where ideas are tried and refined. Lush sweetness from the Karamu, with a peppery zing from the Kawakawa make this a well-balanced, flavoursome gin.

Lamb Banjo shoulders 640px

Pure South Banjo Lamb Shoulder

Perfect for a braised, roasted or any slow cooked shoulder options that prove popular as a sharing platter with some sides. Also appeals as a pulled lamb option for lamb burgers.