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What’s trending is a page dedicated for you to see what’s trending, learn more about products and the benefits/value it can add to your business (& your customers).

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Cottage Lane Breads

Cottage Lane Breads are made with an authentic Sourdough bug from San Francisco that is over 80 years old! Ready to bake from frozen for 20mins for fresh delicious Artisan Bread!  

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Heinz Bacon Mayo

Introducing Heinz Seriously Good Smokey Bacon Mayo, a heavenly combo of creamy mayo and bacon flavour! Tastes perfect with burgers, fried chicken, fries, mac & cheese and grilled corn. Now available in a convenient 900g pouch for dispensing into squeezy bottles.

BACK 13mm Supa Crunch 26

Edgell’s Supa Crunch®

Edgell’s Supa Crunch® range is made with the best A-grade Tasmanian potatoes that deliver superior hold time, incredible mouth-watering taste, with a satisfying CRUNCH that will make your customers come back for more.

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Barkers Meal Sauces

Save time in the kitchen with these delicious new Barkers ready to go meal sauces which are suitable for any dietary requirements. Combine with chicken, vegetables, beef, fish or tofu, heat and serve.

SABC Render Alpine Lager

Moa Alpine Lager

Moa’s standard and Low Carb 4% ABV varieties are now available to your customers in a handy 6 pack 330ml glass bottles. It’s one of New Zealand’s finest Malt and Hops Beer. Being proudly NZ family owned and giving back to the community with an annual donation to the Kea Conservation Trust.

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Silere Oyster Shoulder

Silere Alpine Original Merino lamb is 100% New Zealand-grown in the South Island. Available all year round, the Oyster Shoulder lamb is free range with no additives enhancing full flavour. This Premium lamb boasts with succulent tenderness and top quality.