With access to the largest selection of liquor in the South Island you can get everything you need; from low alcohol options to craft beer, spirits and everything in between.

Liquor ranges displayed on shelf

Options for every occasion

With an extensive range of over 2,000 liquor products, we can supply on and off-premise customers; giving you options for any wine list, keg tap, fridge and top-shelf, all at competitive prices. We don't charge any single bottle ullage fees either, because we understand that you require flexibility with supply, too.

Why Trents?

Order only what you need

Often, other wholesalers will only offer you product in bulk or carton lots. Trents has a huge number of products available to buy in single units or inners. You can also use our Charge Through option to source products you need that we don’t stock, without the need to open another account with another supplier.

Shop on your terms

You can order over the phone, via email or online. We also have four fully stocked physical Cash‘n Carry branches throughout the South Island, so you can pick up anything extra without waiting for delivery the next day.

Get rewarded for your purchases

We’re the only food and beverage wholesaler in the South Island to offer Airpoints Dollars or Flybuys when you purchase through us. You deserve a treat for all your hard work and Trents loves helping you earn points from the most popular reward programmes in New Zealand.